Club Trips 2021


The club fishing trip organised for late January was unofficial, spur of the moment to Thompsons, but no pictures due to the lack of action.  About five turned up and conditions were good, fished early morning through to about midday.  Few small salmon trout, but Keith got on after most of us left.

Josef & Robyn kindly hosted our belated Christmas BBQ at their property in the hills.  About 22 turned up, plenty of good food including Josefs yabbies.  Again Matt caught the only trout so becomes champion angler for the second year in a row. 

lovely spotgreat foodgreat views

A bit later in the month I decided to try the Coorong once again for no result, it was a hot day and Josef had also planned a trip on the carp at Clayton, Craig went along.

As Jo described it Jo's

"There were no fish feeding in the usual spots as the water level was too high and you could not see the backs out while they were feeding.They were there but too deep.  Later in the afternoon we went down to the Boundary barrage where about 20 huge meter plus carp were moving around the little fresh water outlet.  Craig got four and Josef one. We had fun on a 44 degree day but will have to wait for the water level to go down."

Mud marlin look good for the next couple of months, given the lack of other fish around at the moment.

Another first for Josef was a trip to Pt Victoria, in Josef's words " Had a great day in unbelievably calm weather conditions.  Caught my first flathead on fly and first king george whiting on a black weighted woolly bugger with rubber worms attached.  As a bonus my brother and I bagged out on whiting all over 40cm watched by a pod of dolphins."  Sounds like a pretty much perfect day!

Jos 1stkg on flykg size

To add a bit more action Matt has done it again over on Yorke Peninsula.  I landed 4 kingies (53, 55, 57 and 67 cm) and busted /pulled hooks on another 4 fish. And thanks to Adam and Bruce for the tips.

Kingy 2

Well, Matt has had a good week, "Hi guys,
I fished on Yorke Peninsula today and managed my first mullie on fly, and second. Dropped a couple of fish. Was difficult to cast with the windy conditions but happy to pop the mullie on fly cherry!

No1Mully 2Mully 3

What's up guys?  He's making us look bad!













  If you are going fishing and want company, then email all members and invite them to meet at your destination for an impromptu club trip.