Club Trips 2020


The club fishing trip organised for late January was at Clayton, to try for mud bonefish.  We had four boats, and set out to follow in the footsteps of Steve and Gary.
Josef & John, Mike & Matt, Craig Lee and John, and Brad and Adrian.  A bit of manouvering through shallow water saw us spread out over a couple of lagoon areas with a few soft spots but mainly knee to thigh deep water.  Conditions were good and I think everyone caught fish although they were not easy.  Visibility wasn't great and the fish were mostly sub surface and able to be spotted in shallower areas.  Followed up by a sausage sizzle organised by Mike and the day ended well.


The club fishing trips were not organised for March or April due to Covid 19 restrictions.



The club fishing trip for May was the club dam. 
- Matt, Lee, Craig and Mike arrived at the main dam around 10.15 am. Cloudy skies, light winds and some drizzle. Dam was very low (see pics) with a layer of green algae across most of the bottom. Edges were very muddy in places and we all had that sinking feeling at some point. 5 trout were hooked with 2 landed by Matt and Lee. All healthy rainbows of around 1-1.5kg. Fishing slowed so we stopped for a sausage sizzle around 1pm, another short session after lunch but no fish caught. Successful flies were Woolly Buggers and a Tom Jones. Dam needs a significant increase in water level before the end of winter










  If you are going fishing and want company, then email all members and invite them to meet at your destination for an impromptu club trip.   The Coorong is starting to fire so keep that in mind.