Club Trips 2019


There was no club fishing trip organised for January, next meeting is in February.
Joe Csortan gave me a call for a quick trip to the Coorong, so we had a go and here is the result.  One reasonable jewie and a cracker salmon and a few small mullies.
Not all bignice starttwo handergood sambo

Keith and I got down to the Coorong recently to try for something a bit better than the small mullies that have been prevalent near the Goolwa Barrage, I got lucky and came up trumps with this one. Only a bit over 80, still chasing the metre plus.
Feb 2019



Joe got up to Weipa, and caught this wonderful wolf herring, apparently one of the biggest seen up there.

Big herring




Hi guys,
I had a few days between work in UCDavis and presenting at a conference in Canada on Monday, so had 2 days guided fishing in New Orleans. Caught my first black drum, 35 lb weighed, and got a redfish of 21lb. Just missed landing a sheepshead for the NOLA grand slam. Missed lots of other fish.  Water a little coloured so you need to spot fish super carefully. Warm and humid here. Matt.
Matt's Black drumRed fish


A couple of boats made it over to the Yorke Peninsula area for a fine day chasing mulloway.  Weather was perfect, actually a bit too good with not a breath of wind.  Fog en-route slowed us down a little, but conditions on the water were wonderful.  The water was a bit too clear, a surprise given recent rain and wind and a reasonable tide.  End result was no mulloway landed but plenty sighted up to and over a metre.  They just were not interested and that could have been because of a recent blood worm run, or just fishing pressure.

A trip to the club dam in late August, but no results heard of as yet.


A club trip to Thomsons Beach had perfect weather, imperfect tides and very few fish.  Three members attended and all had fun but were hoping for better results.  Only a couple of small fish caught.  Again the tides were hard to pick, with the turn to run in occurring about four hours later than predicted.

From Matt

 Back from Exmouth and in Perth now. I had a reasonable trip with some challenging days. No permit with Brett Wolf but did manage a Cobia and Goldie. I could have caught as many queenies as I liked, but focussed on permit (very shy) and GTs (3 shots) instead. Learnt a bit about permit fishing from Brett - he’s very good. Also caught giant herring, a few different trevallies, queenies, a heap of wrasse, tuskies and a shark. others caught: two permit from shore and quite a few GTs spotted (1m fish landed) but no BBs- they all spat the hook or reefed anglers. no billies.

Great GoldieTop Cobia


Thomsons Beach was the scene again, more info forthcoming.



We had our christmas barbecue at Josef Csortans property, it was like being in a Monet painting, being among beautiful gardens and a large pond with trout, water lilies and plenty of shade.  The weather was perfect and we had about twenty two along for the day.  It was good to catch up with an old friend in John Dyer as well.  Most members had a fish for Jo's elusive trout but the only success went to Matt Denton, who I think was also the most persistent of us.  He caught a beautiful 42cm fish.  The salads and desserts were amazing so thank you to those who prepared them.  Some of the kids got some archery fun as well, and when I get more photos I will add them in.  Thanks to Mike and John and Josef who put in a lot of preparation for this event.


  If you are going fishing and want company, then email all members and invite them to meet at your destination for an impromptu club trip.   The Coorong is starting to fire so keep that in mind.