Club Trips 2018


Joe's 26lb tunaNo trips reported.  Joe Csortan had a go and here is the result. Joe's report "Great day ....caught my first Blue fin tuna at Victor Harbor on one of my pilchard flys that I tied two days before.  One hell of a fight on the ten weight rod with the tip often touching the water.  Tuna were everywhere and birds feeding madly but only one other hookup on lure and lots of disappointed people back at the ramp with no catch at all."


Sunday 4th saw seven members meeting at Yankallilla Bakery for the regular coffee and pastries before setting off on the hunt for trout.  The dam looked good and weather was nice, not too much wind but a very bright day.  We had started a little later Nick's rainbowthan usual to see if the later afternoon fishing would be better than the normal time.  It did not work out that way.  The only fish caught was Nick's lovely rainbow, in good condition and with plenty of fight.   Unfortunately I couldn't get a good picture of it as it was a bit stressed and Nick rightly got it back into the water for a well revived Casting precisionrelease.  Wayne hooked one and had a very early release.  We tried both dams and saw a few fish but they were definitely not in an eating mood.  Thanks to all that came, but apologies for the poor fishing.  This was the hardest day at the dam that I have experienced, normally most people catch at least one, but not this time.


John N, Craig and Mike headed to Corny Point for the 28/29 April weekend.
We will post a trip report on the website but we all managed 50+ cm Flathead on fly.  Thanks to Craig for providing his faithful chariot for the trip and John for all things food including a great Saturday BBQ.
                flattieanother onesame fish ?


Nothing organised in May but

Several trips this past month with 6 members heading north for the Weipa smorgasbord. Josef was first up and managed over 20 species on fly. Following hot on his heels was Gary, Steve, Keith,John and Matt who scored 30+ species. Fishing was hard some days, several rods lost but based on the photos there were many memorable catches. Highlights included 2 Permit (sorry Matt), several solid Cobia and Josef lost count of the  Tuna caught. Nice
            spaniardFirst permit


Craig, Mike, John P and Pierre headed down to the Brighton CP area for fish. Target species were Flathead and Salmon. Neither species were caught however a good 20 minutes of some solid mullet on fly entertained all but one member. Craig went back the following day for a couple more mullet and a salmon then a quick run up to the hills for a couple of small redfin on an orange wooly bugger.There was a club trip to the dam somewhere here and here are some of the photos.
WaynesWayne againJohnKeithrainbowcraigreleaseNeilCraig


A trip to the Riverland produced this nice cod for one of our members.Cod


Two trips  to the club dam in late August and early September to fish out the larger fish.  Only three fish caught on fly and one brown on lure by three anglers on one trip, and one fish with eight anglers on the second trip.  The fishing was tough with only a few follows.  The three dams were restocked in late September with 60 in each of the existing dams and 30 fish in a new dam.

Joe caught a nice trout on the recent trip.  Josef strikes again.

Heard recently from Steve in Tassie, "Fished a local dam last Sunday,  about a 30 min drive from home, and landed 4 nice rainbows. Not too bad for a morning flog." Nice fish Steve.
Trout 1 SteveTrout 2 Steve

There is also the possibility of a trip to the Onkaparinga later in the month.


Three of us made it to Thomsons Beach for an early crack at the yellowfin on the 21st.  Mike, Pierre and I arrived before 10:30 with perfect conditions and tide still falling (Outer Harbor low at 10:33 am of 0.89m, high at 4:32 pm of 2.01m).  The tide Calm as.great
                claritycontinued to fall until after 1pm and started in after about 2pm.  Winds were almost non existent - too good really, it was warm with very clear water and only small fish around, stopped for lunch at 12:15 and went back out.  Lots of walking, I managed to sink into a good mudbank and fell over getting out which is not much fun.  Pierre caught the best yellowfin of about 30 - 35cm and Mike and I only caught tiddlers of about 20cm, with Mike also getting one mullet.  Maybe a bit early in the year but we wanted a look anyway.


  On 17 November about five of us met at Webb Beach for a go at the yellowfin, it was windy but fishable.  On went the poppers and while there were quite a few small fish they were generally unwilling to take the poppers.  Pierre and Craig saw some solo First look at Webb Bchwebb bch windylarge fish but in the main they were only 20-27cm.  With fairly cold water fish were tracking but not hitting the poppers so a shift to #6  white bonefish flies stripped smoothly and slower across the bottom started to produce a few fish.  It was fairly windy.  Good fun and experience but hardly shooting the lights out.   It pained me to hear that someone else went to Thomsons the next day and bagged out on fish up to 45cm on poppers.  Ah well, thats fishing!


I went down to the Coorong to show Pierre around. Got lucky  with a small fish of 49cm but put it back, it was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun but the fish were hard to find.  
Pierre at the Coorongxmas 2018xmas 2018
xmas 2018xmas 2018

We had a christmas barbeque at the Patawolonga for about a dozen members and partners, good food provided by the club and cooked by John, Wayne & Mike, and members brought along some nice salads and sweets, no one went hungry.  It was a fairly mild day but luckily no rain.  Mike brought along a new Sage X 10wt for a cast, and its very nice and very fast action.

There is no club fishing trip organised for January, next meeting is in February.  If you are going fishing and want company, then email all members and invite them to meet at your destination for an impromptu club trip.   The Coorong is starting to fire so keep that in mind.