Club Trips 2017


No trips reported.


To the best of my knowledge and recollection there was another club  trip organised for March but as I have no photos or report I am not sure how it worked out.

Don't know, but here are some photos from 2016.
Low dam levelStill


No club trip was held this month, some of us were lucky enough to go to Weipa for ten days.  Here are a few pix of the trip.

First tuna for todayKeiths first tunaBest queenie yetnice goldie Keithanother good fishSteve hooked upMy best goldieTuna surpriseDiamond trevally,
                wowTucker time   If you get the chance, go there!


There was a club trip planned for the long weekend to the Port for salmon trout but did not eventuate.  In late June we went down to the club dam, seven of us met at the Yankallilla Bakery for a caffeine and calorie top up before heading south.  On arrival we had a bit of drizzle but this soon cleared.  It didn't take long for the first hookup in the top dam, and almost everyone caught a fish.  Brad caught his biggest trout to date, after sighting it in the lower dam.  The decision was made to try it out after an hour or so on the top dam, to see if we had any survivors from our stocking of a couple of years ago.  Brads fish was about 1.6kg and between 45 and 50cm long.  This was fairly typical of most fish in the upper dam as well.  They were all healthy fat and feisty.  I caught one smaller fish that probably came from the more recent stocking.  We are not sure how many fingerlings survived as there seems to be some fat larger fish on offer now.  The weather turned out well, thanks for coming along Wayne, John, Brad, Adam, Mike and Craig.
Craigs fishJohns fishMikes fishNick head
      onBrads best yetnet jobLakes lowNick netting his fishNick


No club trip in July


No club trip in August .


Trip planned for September to the Onk I think, but bad weather prevailed.


Nothing eventuated again


  It should get better from now on as more fish move into the area.


The Clubs Xmas BBQ was held on Sunday 10 December at the Patawolonga, about a dozen turned up and thanks to John Neeves and Mike Phillips we had a great time, good food and good company.
Men at workgetting a drink

Wednesday 13th we had a fish at Thomsons Beach.  Starting at 10am, Keith, Joe. Pierre, Adam and I fished for about three hours and we only caught a few small salmon trout.  Only about three good yellowfin were sighted and none landed.  It was an ordinary day with strong winds starting in the northeast and shifting north then northwest to west with heavy high cloud cover, fairly warm, about 38C inland.  We will try again in the near future.  There were plenty of blue swimmer crabs around.

On the flatsPierre at workA welcome drink

Wishing all members and visitors a happy and healthy Xmas and hope to see you for a more active fishing program in 2018.
Keith at workMy turnemus on showfeathers galore

There have been a few in the Coorong and some local wildlife as well!