Club Trips 2016


About 7 or 8 members were interested for Saturday 20th February, but only 3 of us made it.  Some dropped out due other arrangements, family matters and a surprise medical opportunity.
Gary M and Nick P arrived at my (Steve’s) house at 0830 and we climbed into Gary’s Cruiser and headed down to Lake Alexandrina including the compulsory bakery stop.

Arriving at the boat ramp the conditions didn’t look too great, pretty cloudy.  Anyhow we launched Gary’s new boat and made our way to the fishing ground.  (Luckily he had already christened the boat on the mullies the previous weekend or might have had to take my boat J).  Not very long after we started fishing the cloud mostly cleared away and it wasn’t too long before the fly rods had a pleasing bend in them.  Nick busted off the first 3 using 9lb tippet and too much excitement, (must the British coming out in him), standing there in less than knee deep water surrounded by loads of 10-15lb carp.  It was pretty much all sight fishing, some gold, some with black backs, dorsals and tails breaking the surface, huge bow waves if you spooked or pricked one.  I had the fly come back a couple of times with just scale about the size 50c piece.  There was no shortage of fish and the time passed quite quickly.

Best flies included bead head Woolly Buggers, Swimming nymphs, a black/green chenille thingy with a black tail with a hint of red were the flies that did most of the damage. I was watching my fly get inhaled by couple fish but not connecting, then I realised the bend and point was missing.

Gary & I have had quite a bit of fun on the carp during summer when the water warms up too much to harass the trout.  Its a real shame that the water could not be a bit clearer,  but as long you don’t want to fill the esky for a feed it’s a great way to spend the day.  Normally I would fillet a few as Meg’s cat loves them, but Gary didn’t have an esky in the boat, (I think that may have been deliberate).  So find yourself a little backwater and give it a try.
Cheers Steve.

Steve's photoSteve's photoSteve's photo


To the best of my knowledge and recollection there was another club carp trip organised for March from Clayton, but as I have no photos or report I am not sure how it worked out. However to keep you keen here are a few images of Steve and Gary from their recent trip to the Top End  of the Northern Territory with fish from the Daly and Darwin Harbour.  Looks like it was pretty hot as was some of the fishing.
cupla good fish

A trip to the club dam was arranged by Wayne, with Brad, Mike and Craig having the normal start to the day at the bakery before having a fish for the trout.  The morning was somewhat windy and overcast but the wind eased and the cloud cleared during the day.  Best flies were woolly bugger and woolly worm with only four fish caught for the day.  Water levels are very low in both dams after the very dry and warm summer.  We are hoping that the winter will bring some good rain to replenish the dams that require overflow from upstream dams to replenish.  There was one early release at the feet by Brad, Mike had no luck and I'm not sure who caught the others.  Thanks to Brad for the pictures.
Low dam levelStill

A fish at last

While this one is not a club trip Matt went to Perth recently to catch up with fishing in the far west, timing it perfectly with the Australian Salmon run.  Chasing big salmon on fly ranging from five to seven kilos (about 15 pounds) within a few kilometres of the coast of metropolitan Fremantle and near Carnac Island. Using 10 weights they caught more than they could keep count of.  Wish we were there with you Matt.  I think that popper is tied on a 4/0 hook.
Nice popperNice samboDouble hook up
Big fishNice blackback salmon


While no club trip was held this month some of our members attended Peter Morse's casting clinics, for conventional and spey and switch casting assistance. Included were variations like 5 there,single, double, snake roll and snapT.  Many fish were caught on salt water by individuals and Wayne went up the Murray for callop (yellowbelly) and cod. 


In early July the club trip was to Thomsons Beach to try for salmon trout and perhapsAnother Onk
                  bream. some out of season yellowfin as there had been reports of both.  Four of us braved the cold weather and rugged up and into the waders and on the water about 10am.  Low tide was forecast for 9:30am but in this location the turn seems to be delayed by two to three hours.  Gary caught the only fish of the trip, a small salmon trout, but there was no other activity.  Craig and Lee went for a long trek south to the channel marker and Gary and I stayed local.  Even when the tide turned there was no more sign of fish moving in.  A local mentioned that there had been plenty of salmon trout two days previous.  The tides were ideal and while overcast with some sunny patches it was not too windy, with about 10 knots from the northern quarter being the worst of it.  It looked good but was pretty sterile.
The only fish photo I have is of a small bream I caught in the Onk recently.


There was no club trip in July but I have included a few fish photos caught by Keith at the Onk, a 45cm bream & mully.Keiths mullowayKeith's
          45cm bream


In August no trips were organised due to inclement weather.


Swan Alley, Andrew, John, Wayne and Craig missed out but Brad managed two fish for the day

Steve Crowley, Mike Phillips and Gary Mead fished the Windmill Dam from 1.00pm. Weather cool, cloudy 10knot breeze, slight drizzle on occasion. Dam full, very clean and running across the spillway.

Fished wets for two 1-2lb fish, one from west side, the other near the inlet.

From around 3pm moved to the pump house dam, which was also full and clear. Saw 1 fish cruising and Steve was casting to a sporadic riser in the centre the dam. Gary managed to catch one from this dam so all members caught one for the day.


Three Members attended the Lake Fyans fly-in. 7-9 October. Approximately 80
Anglers entered the comp for a total of 6 fish landed. Allan lost one, Steve and
Gary saw fish but no takes. Lake was very full after recent rains, fish were seen
but could not be enticed.


Snapper trip cancelled on the 6th due to strong winds but Casting day was held  as planned. 8 club
members enjoyed a sunny and calm morning on the Pat. Nick and Allan brought along some two
handed rods for a bit of spey casting practice. Although it was meant to be a casting day, Craig had
to impress us all and catch a fish, a beautifully conditioned 3 inch Tommy. Was also great see our
esteemed ‘El Presidente’ with rod in hand testing out the new knee.

On 27 November our club trip was to have been to Price or the club dam.  The tides looked too big for clear water and the timing was too early for the high tide which would have meant a very early morning to be sure of getting out of the creek.  So instead some of us headed out to Thomsons Beach to see if the yellowfin had arrived yet.  The low tide at Outer Harbour was about 10:30am so we thought 1pm to start would give us good water but the tide was still going out.  It was not until about 2:30 or later that the tide started to run in.  Hank, Nick and I walked down to the south to meet the incoming tide while Alan and Lee stayed at the northern end.  We got lucky and ran into some small schools up to 38cm, caught on size 8 poppers and Hank got some sub surface on a small crazy charlie or something similar.  There was a fairly firm south wester of 10 to 15 knots and it was a bit cool, but ok to wet wade but some chose waders.  It should get better from now on as more fish move into the area.


Thompsons beach Sunday afternoon, six members kicked off at 1pm. Tide took longer than anticipated to move, could have delayed start until 2pm. General view is a low of around 0.7m and high around 2.0m is a preferable variation. 

10-12 whiting up to 38cm caught, poppers effective and Hank picked some up using a Gotcha