Club Trips 2015


In February our first trip was to the Club Dam for a casting day.  About eight members attended on a very hot Sunday, with four fish caught, all were in good condition and probably the fish from the restocking a couple of years ago.  No fish were caught in the lower dam.  If you have any photos of the day please send them to the Secretary for inclusion.


The third weekend in March looked good for weather and tides, so we made a fairly late call to go to the Coorong.  Three boats turned up with Gary Mead and Craig boating four keeper mulloway on bait.  Steve Crowley and Nick Purdue in Steve's boat  ended with one keeper, plenty undersize on bait. Nick dropped a couple on lures with no luck on the fly. John Pethick and Matt Denton hardly raised a scale except for a lonesome salmon trout on fly for Matt, on fly for the day but just could not get a take.  The weather was wonderful, the water looked fairly good but the fish have taken a bashing by the netters and there seemed to be mainly small fish and most undersized.  Some of the SAFFA  guys were down ther having a go as well, but with similar results.

Steve and Nick went for a fish with their switch rods at a private location, Steve caught a nice brown and rainbow and Nick a brown.
Steve's photoSteve's photoSteve's photo

Lets hope for good weather over Easter.


The twenty-fourth of May looked good for tides at our earlier monthly meeting, Port Adelaide seemed like a good location given recent reports of salmon trout moving into the river system.  The weather looked good and four boats and ten fly fishers turned up to have some fun. 

Winds were light north to northeasterly and a good run in the tide after a 7am high with the water looking fairly clean but with some loose weed.  Unfortunately the salmon trout that had been plentiful decided to make themselves scarce.  We only caught a few along the shore just south of the new ship at the sub base.  Different boats tried as far as the Outer Harbour breakwalls where plenty of seals were evident, up into Barker Inlet and along the wrecks and mangrove edges.  Matt Denton saw one nice fish hard in under the mangroves and we hopefully think it might have been a mulloway.  We peppered the bridge pylons for a while with no response.

It is possible that the launching of the new ship the previous day at the sub base might have had some boat traffic that put the fish down, but I don't know what the answer was.  Gary and Steve had cleaned up on salmon trout at Price the previous day, and Matt had some good salmon fishing in Perth not too long ago with fish to 6kg.  We can only dream.  Thanks to all who came along as it was a pleasant day only lacking in fish.  But at least Richmond beat Port later in the day.  Good to see Allan Choat make it for his first fish with the club, and to see John Neeves boat hit the water after a dry spell.  Even Bruce came out for a look with Nick even though it was a weekend, Steve and Gary took Allan out and I had Craig and Matt doing the guiding.  The ramp there is quite good, $7 to launch but no washdown facility.


The outing for this month was organised late due to unstable weather, only calling for interest on the Wednesday prior to the planned Saturday trip on the 20th.  Conditions looked good with light winds and good tides forecast with the target being snapper on either the Glenelg Tyre Reef or some shallower inshore locations.  The trip was for fly and bait as we find we need to locate some fish with bait and berley before it becomes viable to fly fish.  Two other members and myself were OK to go but by the next morning I had a family member seriously ill in hospital and had to cancel, sorry Nick and Allan.


Four club members (including me) were away in Christmas Island (Kiritimati) in pursuit of bonefish, giant trevally and triggerfish with a week at The Villages hosted by Nial Logan from Try on Fly.  It was a wonderful week on the Equator and away from the cold winter in South Australia  but that is another story that I will put on the website as a separate article.  Anyway the weather in Adelaide was pretty bad according to those left behind and general agreement was thet the weather was pretty horrible and inconsistent at the moment so no club trip for July.  Wayne will co-ordinate a trip to the club dam sometime in the next four weeks.


John Neeves had been in touch with the land owner and got the OK to access the property.  Club members at the monthly meeting were keen on a trip to the dam to see how the trout we stocked in the last couple of years were developing.  Apparently the level in the upper dam is alright but the pumphouse dam is very low.  The trip was arranged for Saturday the 15th, but no one apart from the organiser was available to make the trip so it was cancelled.  Put this one down to end of winter blues and everyone being very busy.  Hopefully we will make it down there soon when it warms up a bit.  Even though there has been no club trip some members have been catching a few mulloway on fly and some snapper and salmon so the fish are still there, let's get out there.  

One of Steve's mulloway


Craig organised a trip to Thomsons Beach for Sunday 20th September.  Four of us made the trip north of the passport line to arrive about 8am and fishing about a half hour later.  Conditions were nice with a moderate northeasterly of ten to fifteen knots which was strong enough to cause a few problems into the wind, particularly as it shifted more northerly later in the morning.  Good vision with only a few clouds to spoil a clear view.  We had it to ourselves, for the first couple of hours not even the fish were there. As the tide ran off from a 2.4m high at about 7am to a 0.6m low at about 1pm we had plenty of water but this location is definitely bettNicks first mullet on flyer from about half tide down so that the gutters can be targeted and that was where the salmon showed up, in the deeper water.  I think they were being pushed into those deeper gutters as they were too exposed up on the shallow flat areas.  The bottom here is broken weed beds, large sandy flats of which some are gravelly and firm and other areas extremely soft and silty.  All of us ended up in the mud at some stage, pulling legs out and trying not to fall over.  Some good salmon trout were caught along with a few smaller fish, plenty of mullet on the weed beds and I scared a nice flathead.  Craig did well although there were not a lot of fish about.  Nick had two groups of early season yellowfin whiting chasing his popper, but they will improve over the next couple of months.  Unfortunately the tip of Nick's rod broke so we called it quits just after 1pm and headed home.

Craig scores againOld Mother HubbardAnother perch Bernard?


John arranged a trip to Thomsons Beach for Sunday the 22nd.  We had a good roll up with eight of us able to make it as things are starting to get busy before the Christmas rush.  So it was great to see how many members made the effort.  We met at Perry's BP at Dublin at 8:30, a fairly late start because the forecast low tide was 0.9m at 0937, with a high of 1.6m at about 3:45pm.  The previous day was a dodge tide with little movement, so this looked like the first day after the dodge with enough tide movement to get the fish feeding.  Or so I thought!  Conditions were cool with a light southeasterly of less than ten knots, forecast to strengthen in the afternoon.  Visibility was good with only a few clouds to spoil a clear view, although the cloud increased later in the morning.  We had it to ourselves, not even the fish were there and there was not much water as we arrived.  Normally a low tide of 0.9m leaves plenty of water and the small run in tide to a 1.6m high would not stir up too much weed (so much for that theory).

Everyone rigged up and we were on the water just after 9am and waiting for the tide to turn and run in.  On a couple of other trips to this location it has taken up to two hours after the forecast low tide for the water to start running in so we were patient.  Not this time, at 11:30 the water was still running out leaving lots of weed beds high and dry, it continued to get lower until we gave it away some time after 1pm.  We tossed it in having only caught one yellowfin that I know of, congrats to Matt D, others caught some very small salmon trout.  Well Done Lee P on catching your first few fish on fly.  It was good to see Matt F along on his first trip with the club.  Thanks also to Adam, Steve, Gary, Mike as we had a total of eight fly fishers along.

It was good casting practise, and the location has plenty of room for fly fishers.  We have not explored more than a kilometre from the parking area yet.  As we were packing up it looked like the tide was finally starting to come in (four hours after the nominal time,) but we had had enough.  We had a good time anyway and hopefully next time there will be fish and water.  Incidentally, the largest yellowfin whiting I have seen was 43cm, I have heard of 47cm fish but was talking to a reliable source last week who said someone on his boat pulled in a 52cm fish a couple of weeks ago, Keith caught fish in excess of 43cm there earlier in the week.  I still have lots to learn about this location, but remembering back a few weeks Keith and I had a hot session on small fish here.  They turned on for about an hour as the tide started to run in.  There was hot surface action on small gartside gurglers as the fish chased a feed, small prawns were showering out of the ankle deep water with fish smashing them on the surface and tailing, I remember hooking about 15 fish in that hour and missing many more.  If you can get the tides right it can be great fun. 

I think I will leave the organisation of our next trip to someone with better mojo!


As the meeting for December was on the 14th, everyone was too busy to organise a club trip.  InsteMikes carp sharkad we had our Christmas
BBQ at Andrew and Jayne's house, thank you to them for hosting such an unruly mob.  With quite a few
people away interstate and overseas we still managed a respectable roll up of 13 and had a good time.

The only fish photo I have is from Mike and is one of the local Bonython Park sharks (carp) weighing in at a very respectable 20 pounds.  Well done Mike.