Club Trips 2014


Our February the first trip to the Coorong saw two boats and five fly fishers chasing mulloway and bream in the Tauwitchiere area, predominantly near the snake pit.  Launching from the Mundoo Channel ramp the weather was very hot with light winds.  It was a pleasurable relief to be moving as we travelled down the Coorong.  There were ten or fifteen boats in the area with a few lure throwers amongst the throng.  Bruce and Ben caught 14 mulloway to 60cm and 1 bream of 40cm, and John and Craig caught four with the biggest at 61cm.

Legal mullowayCoorong MullowayCraig's on fly


March 15 and six anglers  unleashed woolly buggers (or something similar) on the trout at the club dam.  There were sixteen fish caught, with sizes up to about 35cm.  At Wayne's suggestion flowers were taken to Joan as a mark or respect for the recent passing of her daughter.  The conditions were windy with gusts to thirty knots, and we fished from 2 till 7pm.

Nice trout JohnPretty rainbowWaynes in again


Our June trip  was a cold wet Sunday afternoon to Moana Beach as some good sized salmon had been caught near the drain
at the northern end.   Only two of us turned up, as the westerly winds of about twenty knots made casting difficult at the beach.  Ben and I retreated north a few kilometres to Onkaparinga Head and fished the reef edge for a couple of hours. Nice bream from the Onk Seas were increasing and starting to get towards waist high for me, but only knee high for Ben, and we had only had a touch and no fish.  So we retreated to the river for a bream fish.  Only one caught and it had been a tough afternoon.

Snapper on fly
And just so you know what Craig's been up to here is a nice snapper on fly , location and date known but secret.


The last sunday in July and seven of us met at the Yankalilla Bakery for some carb loading before heading to the club dam to catch and strip trout so they (the trout) didn't get egg bound.  Two visitors Gary and Steve came along for their first fish with the club and caught quite a few.  Winds were fairly strong north easterlies but at least it wasn't raining.  About seventeen fish were caught (three more after tally master Wayne had gone, thanks for the Rocky Road Wayne and Janetta) with quite a few others dropped.  Brad caught his first trout on fly after plenty of perseverance.  The 200 rainbows stocked in July 2012 had grown from 100-200mm up to about 400mm and are in good condition, with eggs and roe and full of spirit.


The first Saturday of September was going to be a long day, even longer was the next day when Port Power (or is it Port Adelaide - were those Collingwood guernseys ?) whipped my beloved Tigers.  Steve, Gary and I in one car, and with John and Wayne following we headed north-east to Millbrook to pick up some trout fry to restock the dam.  The traffic was heavy with plenty of roadworks to hold us up, big tip is to not take North Terrace when the trout are waiting.  The Adelaide Show had started, SANFL was on at Adelaide Oval and everyone in Adelaide was on the road.  We got to the Hatchery narrowly avoiding bike and motorcycle riders, and purchased 200 rainbow and 200 brown trout fry for $160.  Then off to Yankallilla Bakery to meet up with Adam, Gary R and Craig.  The pies for lunch were good and we headed off to the dam. 

While we were restocking browns and rainbows in the middle dam Craig and Gary wasted no time getting rigged on the top dam.  After releasing the remaining fry in the upper dam we finally got fishing.  From what I remember I think we put about 100 of each (brown and rainbow) into both dams, its hard to count when they are that small.  Thanks to Steve and Gary for their stocking experience and assistance, hopefully the new stock will develop and give us some nice fish to catch in the years ahead.  On to the fishing and Adam (above) caught a nice fish straight away on his 3# weight fibreglass rod which looked very much a cane rod action, then Gary M showed us all up by catching three from a location now known as Gary's point, Wayne had a couple of follows.  As Gary had a dinner appointment we left fairly early leaving Adam, Craig and Gary R still fishing, but they said later they had no catches.  The weather was magnificent, clear skies and no wind, and for me no fish.  I tried everything, floater, intermediate, nymph, streamer, all to no avail.  It was so good there was even a few surface rises, pretty rare on this water.

Gary and Steve went to Toolondo a few weekends back, and caught some nice fish, not lots but lots of quality with these beauties.


The trip out of West Beach on the 25th had three boats and six anglers heading to the tyre reef to try and catch some snapper on fly.  We got out early (about 4:30am) to catch the last of the run in and most of the ebb tide.  Conditions were very good but alas no-one told the snapper.  Tides were good with a high of about 2.5m falling to 0.2m at lunchtime.  Only a couple of small snapper were boated, along with a small mixed catch featuring a few flathead, squid, red mullet and whiting.  By mid morning we gave it up and went looking, Gary and Steve did well down south with a good haul of well sized gar on fly and bait.  Bruce surmised that perhaps the snapper have had a lot of fishing effort before the snapper ban at the start of November.  We all got in around lunchtime as the sea breeze was getting up a bit.


We wnt to the Coorong, two boats and five anglers but the mulloway were not easy to find.  Bruces boat with Craig and Adam caught about six small ones with Bruce catching his smallest ever mulloway.  On my boat neither Matt nor myself had any luck despite trying all the good areas and working hard with lots of shifts and casts.  Maybe next time.